Blaine, Coon Rapids MN

Hail Damage Insurance Repair Contractor

Have you ever heard the term “golf ball sized hail”? It’s hard to believe something like that until you actually see it. The largest hailstone in U.S. History was recorded in 2010. It measured a whopping 8 inches in diameter! Can you imagine an 8” ball falling from the sky and coming down on your[…]

Hail Storm Roofing Contractor

Hail Damage Repair Blaine

Are you a Blaine, MN homeowner who experienced the severe weather that recently blew through the area? If so, we hope that your home didn’t sustain too much damage during the recent hail storms. Now that the storms have barreled their way through our area, it’s time to have a licensed and insured roofing company[…]

Ice Dam Removal & Prevention

Ice Dam Prevention Oak Grove MN

Understanding Ice Dams & Prevention You have to enjoy snow, at least a little bit, in order to live in Minnesota. Winter is a time to be jolly and spend time with your family. You also get to build snowmen and create snow angels on the ground. Unfortunately, snow melts, and that may cause some[…]

Princeton Roofing Contractors

Roofing Contractors Princeton MN

Winter months are a natural time for animals to hibernate. It can also be a time where humans feel that need as well! Our Roofing Contractors, here at Refuge Roofing and siding are committed you are safe, warm, dry and cozy in your homes and businesses in the Princeton Minnesota area! During these months is[…]

Ice Dam Formation & Attic Insulation

Ice Dam Removal & Prevention Anoka MN

As we are coming off another cold front in this January 2017 new year, we encourage you to check out your roof system. Are you witnessing ice dams? Icicles? Ice back up on your roof and eaves and in the valleys of your roof? Our Professional Ice Dam Removal Services in Anoka can save your[…]

Siding Replacement Contractors Anoka MN

Siding Replacement Contractors Anoka MN

Are you in need of siding replacement contractors near Anoka MN? Refuge Roofing & Siding can upgrade your home while saving you money! Can you recall the memory of having a room repainted in your home? How that look and feeling of transformation of the room with that fresh new color and finish on your[…]

Attic Insulation Contractor Oak Grove MN

Attic Insulation Oak Grove MN

Here ye! Here ye! Calling all Oak Grove Minnesota resident and business owners! Refuge Roofing & Siding is here when you are in need of attic insulation in Oak Grove. Tis the season to consider leaving the cold drafts behind! As well as the heat escaping through your attic and potentially damaging your roof system[…]

Attic Insulation MN

Attic Insulation Services Andover MN

Our Andover certified insulation contractors are here to service the north metro Minnesota area with your attic insulation needs! Happy New year everyone from all of us at Refuge Roofing! As the holidays come to a close and these frigid temperatures are upon us. It is possible that you are noticing cold and drafts inside[…]