Elk river attic Insulation ServicesDo you ever wonder, how well your attic insulation is holding up? If so give the professional and local Elk River attic insulation contractors a call here at Refuge Roofing & Siding. Our licensed contractors will help you by inspecting your attic or crawlspace to ensure the proper attic insulation and function of your hard earned home. It is a great responsibility to be a dedicated homeowner that cares for their home. Home’s are somewhat like vehicles, you have heard of routine maintenance such as oil, transmission, and tires changes. Well, your insulation is one major aspect that keeps your home both protected from the elements and conserving energy. Having a professional roofing contractor near you that also provides Elk River attic insulation services will not only benefit your general comfort of living but also save you money on your monthly bills. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment with one of our professionals!

5 Signs You Need an Attic Insulation Contactor

We believe the faster, you the homeowner, requests an attic insulation inspection or service the better. Maintaining a routine will lessen the chances of other issues throughout the house if a leak was found or wood warpage. Staying on top of your possible problems is the difference between an active homeowner and a proactive homeowner, guess which home is increasing in value and which home is costing a fortune. Don’t let services for your attic come to an awful cost of extra damage repairs and keep an eye out for these signs:

  • Fluctuating In-Home Temperatures- Does it feel like the climate is changing in your home every time it does outside? If your HVAC systems are working round the clock and/or you can feel noticeable temperature changes throughout the days and seasons, your home and wallet could benefit from a Free Attic Insulation Inspection by our experts. Keeping up with proper insulation will keep your home comfortable at an affordable monthly price.
  • Attic Infestation – Late at night when you are about to fall asleep the last thing you want to hear is a scurry above your bed. An infestation that is commonly by pests or other harmful insects can damage your insulation by feces, digging it out, or even matting it down. Most importantly, if there is a pest problem it is best to take out the current insulation and start new.
  • Wet/Damp Insulation- Leaks in roofs happen and when they do insulation gets wet. When insulation gets wet it needs to be replaced, as quickly as possible. Not only because the mold that will spread throughout your attic or crawlspace but also because that area is essentially now good for nothing as moisture compromises the R-Value in insulation when excessive enough.
  • Escalating Energy Bills- Depending on how long you have lived in your home would help with this indication. The energy bill, an increasing energy bill means there is a significant leak in your home. If all of your windows are still in place and in good working order, another place to look would be up. Give us a call today and let our professional attic insulation contractors help you save money tomorrow!
  • Drafty Upstairs- Drafts are a huge indication of a leak in your home. When you are upstairs and can feel that there is flowing of air, either at body level or by the ceiling, definitely give us a call. Although ventilation is important, too much is a bad thing.

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