Ice Dam Removal & PreventionAs we are coming off another cold front in this January 2017 new year, we encourage you to check out your roof system. Are you witnessing ice dams? Icicles? Ice back up on your roof and eaves and in the valleys of your roof? Our Professional Ice Dam Removal Services in Anoka can save your home from further damages and continue reading to learn how to prevent ice dams from forming on your home…

Ice Dam Removal & Prevention

You may recall us writing about ice dams… When we have the fluctuation in the weather temperatures, exactly like what has been occurring in the past several weeks, we feel sub-zero temps then above freezing temps. Again, its like we are experiencing bi polar weather. It is so interesting. Then visa versa.

Ice Dams are a Product of Fluctuation Winter Weather Temperatures

What happens as a result of that, on top of a lack of insulation in your attic, or leaks in your attic will allow the warm air from your cozy home to escape through into the attic. This can cause ice dams to build up on your roof. Especially located by your eves. The ice can back up and then when it melts it has no where to go so it can leak through your underlayment on your roofing system and back up into your home causing roof AND ceiling damage. Or a mold problem in your attic. None of these problems are anything you would desire to happen to your home. It can cause some significate repairs which can be a big hinderance on your check book. Not only is this attacking your checkbook but can also cause damage to any pedestrians, friends and family members if this goes unattended or addressed from falling ice.

Check your Roof for Ice Accumulation

So we encourage you to check out your roof. Is anything in sight? We are licensed, insured, certified and experienced professionals that are locally owned and operated in the Anoka area to support all of your roofing needs.
We have the appropriate equipment to thaw your ice dams, check your attic for leaks, add additional insulation if necessary and prevent damage and reduce your heating bills.

Please consider us to support you having a safe, damage free season! Call us today! (651) PRO-ROOF