Replacement Roofing Contractor AndoverReplacement Roofing Contractor Andover Process

Having an experienced replacement roofing contractor in Andover conduct services to your well-deserved roof will greatly increase the protection and value of your home! Refuge Roofing & Siding have licensed and insured replacement roofing contractors that are ready to stop by for a hassle-free visit. Have your home inspected by professionals to ensure proper safety for you, your family, and dwelling. Call us today for our speedy replacement roof contracting services!

Roofing Tear Off

Tearing off your old shingles is a much safer choice than layering with new replacement shingles or roofing. When contractors just put on a new coat of shingles it adds weight to the roof sheeting. Your home will thank you for having the least amount of weight, especially during the wet snowy winter, bearing on the old wooden sheeting below it. Also, when tearing off old roofing materials it is nice for a professional replacement roofing contractor to see the roofs sheeting to determine if any possible indications of leaks are present. Sometimes there can be large mold spots in the roofs plywood under neath the shingles or roofing materials. The sooner you catch it the better chances of healthy, clean living.

Roof Weatherize

Weatherizing your roof is a must when replacing asphalt shingles, cedar, or metal roofing. Having protection between the roofs sheeting and the GAF roofing materials will lessen the chances of the big mold spots specified earlier. What we do is put down felt paper, aka tar paper, which will give any precipitation that penetrated through to run down the roof without touching bare wood. We also install metal flashing, a metal custom bent and cut for chimneys, gully’s, connecting the roof to walls, and other places that could use the protection. The flashing is installed on top of the tar paper and under the new roofing materials where needed. Keeping the top of your home, nice and dry!

Roof Installation

Our licensed and insured replacement roofing contractor and crew members are qualified to install architectural style asphalt shingles, steel roofing, or the elegant cedar shake. Our installation process has been mastered over the many years and roofs that we have been replacing. The skillful roofing contractors that are on our team also install metal flashing. Metal flashing is a metal sheet that is custom bent and cut for chimneys, gully’s, connecting roof to walls, and other places that could use the protection. Once the top is capped off we can begin the clean!

Clean & Complete

Cleaning up your area will be done thoroughly by everyone on the job site. Besides making your home look better, we would like to make sure everything around it is in just as good condition as it was when we got there. We pick up all our loose paper, plastic, extra materials, nails, and miscellaneous trash. Your home “is our home” during the time of our roof replacement services.

Contact your local replacement roofing contractor near Andover. Whether it is storm damage repair, replacement, or upgrading, we provide exceptional roof replacement services. Just give Refuge Roofing & Siding a call!