Roofing Contractor Elk River MNGood Day all Elk River Minnesota residents! There is any given time of year that is perfect conditions for our company to work on your roofing system!

We understand how important your families health and safety is to you! One of the most important things that keeps your family safe and protected is your roofing system on your home!

So we ask you to consider checking into your roofing system and what condition it is in. If your home is new that is perfect! However if you are experiencing ice dams and icicles you may be having some heat loss occur which indicates some attention is needed to your roof or the insulation underneath it. This could also lead to a back up of ice and water getting under your roofing system causing damage and compromising it further. Do you have torn or missing shingles by chance? This can occur from our ever changing weather conditions in Minnesota as well as high wind and hail storms. Insurance options are available for restoration, repair or replacement.

We are here as GAF Certified contractors who are local, experienced committed professionals to offer worry free estimates and consultations to what is in both you, and your roofing systems best interest. Everything from repair, restoring or replacing no project is to big or to small for us!

We also are equipped and ready to support you in all your roofing needs! We also can, and will, install any type or style of shingles you would like in 3 tab or architectural style if that’s your preference. We also offer cedar shake and metal roofing options. So many new styles and colors available to support an upgrade and look if and when you are ready to replace!

We will take that risk in any weather, time, temperature to get on your roof for a consultation and plan prepare and implement what works for you!

So please call us today and keep your family safe and protected in your home with the proper care, maintenance or replacement to your shelter today!