Winter months are a natural time for animals to hibernate. It can also be a time where humans feel that need as well! Our Roofing Contractors, here at Refuge Roofing and siding are committed you are safe, warm, dry and cozy in your homes and businesses in the Princeton Minnesota area! During these months is when your roofing system is challenged the most. Extreme cold weather, ice dams, wind, icicles and warming trends can easily compromise your roofing system. The backup of water and ice can cause leaking, staining, molding, and ceiling and wall damage as well as your roof!

Take a Look at Your Roof – Weather doesn’t take a sick day

Please pay attention to your roof, even when while warm and cozy in your home or business. If you notice something off, contact us as soon as you can! In fact, we encourage you to add our number to your contacts so we can be notified sooner than later! Yes, water and ice does NOT take a day OFF and nor does it hibernate or go dormant…in fact it is the very thing that can cause everything we have already stated!

Professional Roofing Contractors/Company Princeton MN

We are expert professionals who can support your roofing needs in these cold winter months. We never want it to be too late to attend to your needs where it can impose a significant hit to your finances and pocketbook!

So, whether it be a simple repair or replacement we are the company for you for your home and business roofing needs, we are licensed and insured professionals with the experience and expertise in the roofing industry. Consider us your new friend and add us to your contacts – Refuge roofing and siding (651) PRO-ROOF.

Remember your roofing needs can’t wait this winter! Address them today and let us do it for you!