Snow Removal For Ice Dam PreventionAs we gear up for another cold winter here in Minnesota, you likely have snow removal on your mind. While you may be thinking about keeping your driveway and sidewalks clear, snow removal for ice dam prevention is equally important. At Refuge Roofing, we offer snow removal in the winter months because we know how important it is to keeping the structure of your roof safe and secure. If you’re still unsure of who can handle your snow removal this winter, don’t hesitate to reach out to Refuge Roofing today. After all…who knows better about ice dam prevention then a insurance approved roofing contractor?

Snow Removal for Ice Dam Prevention

There are a whole host of reasons why snow removal is important when it comes to preventing ice dams, a few of these reasons include:

Keep Snow from Collecting on Your Roof – Snow is extremely heavy and if you have several feet of snow on your roof, you can be quickly looking at big problems! As snow collects on your roof it can cause the structure of your roof to be compromised, which can result in leaks and damage that could be easily prevented with roof snow removal.
Safety Reasons – Snow that collects on your roof can freeze and refreeze and occasionally fall off of your roof onto the ground below. If your home or office building has quite a bit of foot traffic, you can end up with an injury due to fallen snow.
Peace of Mind – If you constantly worry that your home and roof is at risk during every large snow event in Minnesota, it’s best to proactively call the team at Refuge Roofing so that you’ll be on the schedule when the next big storm hits our area. This way you can rest easy at night knowing that your home is protected regardless of the type of weather that is set to hit our area this winter.

Proper Roof Ventilation is Key to Prevent Ice Dams

Ventilation is key to ice dam prevention. Proper attic ventilation is vital to ensuring that hot air is able to make its way out of your roof as opposed to into your attic where it becomes trapped and begins to warm the underside of your roof. Without proper roof ventilation, this warm attic air will cause snow to melt on your roof and run down towards the eves where it will refreeze again and create ice dams.

Schedule Snow Removal This Winter

If you’re looking for someone to handle your snow removal this winter, feel free to give Refuge Roofing a call today. We’ll be happy to put you on the schedule! We can be reached by phone at (651) PRO-ROOF.