Storm Damage Repair Contractor in Lakeville MNWhen a storm whips through your neighborhood, it can feel like it will never stop. That feeling can intensify when you hear the unmistakable sound of something bad happening to your home. It could be a large tree branch (or, worse, a large tree) that falls on your roof, or it could be wind ripping your siding or gutters off, or it could be debris propelled by wind breaking windows. When a storm damages your home, we hope you will reach out to us for help. Refuge Roofing & Siding is the most reliable and professional Storm Damage Repair Contractor in Lakeville, MN.

Fast Repairs to Your Home After a Storm

After a storm damages your home, you are left feeling unsettled, uncertain and worried. Our team can complete storm damage repair quickly, so that your sense of security is restored. Refuge Roofing & Storage cannot do anything to stop a storm from targeting your house and doing damage, but we do have the ability to assess the damage as soon as possible following the storm and to fix whatever issues the storm left behind. Knowing that a company like ours is on your side goes a long way toward helping you recover from the emotional and psychological impact that occurs when your house is damaged by a storm. We make no mistake in communicating that we are on your side following a storm.

You will likely notice it first in our team’s courteous and respectful treatment of you. This is a basic value that we possess. We will then reinforce this support by communicating with insurance adjusters on your behalf so that you can concentrate on your family and other matters.

Comprehensive Storm Damage Repair for Your Home in Lakeville, MN

Given our profession, the most reliable means of lending our support to you comes from the actual services we provide. Our storm damage repair contractors are experts in the repair of:

  • Roofs: not only will we repair the damage, we will be sure to match new shingle color to existing shingle color.
  • Siding: we will repair damaged siding to ensure that future storms will not penetrate the siding and get into your home.
  • Gutters: again, we can color-match new gutters to match existing gutters, and the work we do will ensure that water is moved away from your house efficiently and thoroughly.
  • Windows: we have a number of different options to offer, and all will add energy efficiency to your home.

If your Lakeville, MN home has been damaged by a recent storm, call Refuge Roofing & Siding today at 651-PRO-ROOF to schedule a free storm damage evaluation.