storm damage repairs andoverWhen heavy windy, rain, or hail storms come knocking on your home call Refuge Roofing & Siding for professional storm damage repair services near Andover MN. We provide assistance to you every step of the way. Our professional contractors can meet you at your home and asses the damages with you promptly. We would then give you our expert opinion on the situation at hand and which route to take to piece together the unfortunate event. The materials we use to improve an accident are top shelf, brand names to assure you that after our storm damage repairs your home will be good as new and stay that way. We also communicate with YOUR insurance company! Our team is very experienced in this field and we know how insurance companies work, so let us help you get the most for your situation! Give us a call today we would be happy to send out an inspector to check your home in Andover for any storm damage repair needs!

Storm Damage Repair Roof/Shingles Andover

Usually when it comes to storm damage repair, roofs and shingles get the blunt force from the high speed winds and other elements that come into play. Even if your home has damage from 2 years ago, insurance companies will pay out. Having a professional inspector check out your home could save you thousands of dollars! If you yourself see indication of loose, fallen off, or torn shingles on your roof that is the number one sign of needing shingle replacement/storm damage repair around Andover. Our professionally trained contractors and crews are here to help, we can get your roof paid for and increase your homes value all in one shot. We are constantly training and have the best materials on the market for shingle replacement, providing nothing but the best to you the home owner. Give us a call today for a storm damage inspector to come out and take a look!

Storm Damage Repair Gutter Replacement Andover

Whether the weather bring rough winds or fallen branches your gutter system should be inspected after storms by a professional. Storm damage repair/gutter replacement near Andover is but a phone call away, we can inspect your system and insure if there are problems we can fix it with the best materials on the market up to date. We also have gutter guards to protect sticks and branches from the blockage of your new seamless gutter system from the professionals here at Refuge Roofing & Siding. Keeping up the protection on high priced materials is a great investment in order to save money in the long run. Preventative maintenance is always a recommended factor when as a home owner in nearly ever aspect of owning property.

We always hope there are no injuries during a storm around our area. With our professional services we provide we attempt to help you get your life back without any interruptions. There is not much good that become from a minor or major disaster, the only thing we all can do is move on and repair. For any storm damage repairs needed around Andover give us a call (651) PRO-ROOF!