ham lake window replacement contractor

Ham Lake Window Replacement Contractor

Upgrading your outdated windows to finely tuned products of solid construction is always a great idea. Even for homeowners looking to uproot and relocate. Having your home at this time is a sellers’ market…yet many homes continue to stay listed. By up-keeping your home you will add value as well as protection, and an upper[…]

ham lake window replacement contractor

Window Replacement Contractor Ham Lake

Our beautiful land of Minnesota is traveled to from all over the world. When you’re inside your home enjoying an early morning cup of coffee, you too should be able to appreciate the environmental art that is all around you and your home. The best way for a clear view would be by talking to[…]

ham lake window replacement contractor

Elk River Window Replacement Contractor

Having a professional window replacement contractor near Elk River is beneficial when making updates to commercial or residential properties. Here at Refuge Roofing & Siding we keep pushing ourselves to mastering even more trades than what is just in our name. Going further into the skills we love is an accomplishment we take pride in.[…]

Window Replacement Contractor Andover

Well, it is back to the 90’s and you would be wishing for ice, ice, baby when the blistering heat catches you unexpectedly as you casually walk past your single pane half fallen out window in your living room and bedroom. If you can feel the heat from the warm outside heating your room while[…]

Siding & Window Contractor

Replacing Siding and Windows Ham Lake MN

Two home improvement projects that many homeowners fear are renewing their siding and windows. Bottom line projects like this do not get done in a cheap way. Would you rather have the best products that can withstand mother nature’s ugly side? Or would you want for the home that you have been working for your[…]