Blaine, Coon Rapids MNHave you ever heard the term “golf ball sized hail”? It’s hard to believe something like that until you actually see it. The largest hailstone in U.S. History was recorded in 2010. It measured a whopping 8 inches in diameter! Can you imagine an 8” ball falling from the sky and coming down on your home at an insane speed? Hail is no joking matter. It can do serious damage to your home. Minnesota is no stranger to hail storms in the summer, either. When hail hits, it’s time to call Refuge Roofing., your hail damage insurance repair contractor. Serving Coon Rapids, Blaine, The Lakes and Hugo MN, we are here to help you with all of your hail damage needs.

Hail Roofing Damage

It makes sense that your first line of defense is the area that tends to get hit the hardest. Your roof, the greatest barrier from you and the outdoors, is always at risk for damage during a hail storm. Anytime there is hail, it’s important to get your roof looked at. Our professionals at Refuge Roofing, will come out and perform a complete inspection of your roof. We will inspect every single inch of the roof and then go down from there, looking at your gutters and downspouts for any damage. We will even look at your eaves and overhangs to make sure nothing is missed. Our professionals are trained to never miss a beat, finishing our inspection and looking around the house and even your additional structures on your property for damage.

Insurance Repair after a Hail Storm

When it comes to dealing with your insurance company after a hail storm, it has been said many times that we are your greatest asset. We are your advocates throughout the entire process and want to make sure you get everything you can. We are able to meet with your insurance claims adjuster and point out all of the damage that we have found. Through a contingency, we will prepare an estimate of the damage we find and then submit it directly to the insurance company. If we aren’t approved for the work, you are under no obligation to continue using us for the job.

So the next time you hear hail hitting your beautiful home, don’t fret about getting it fixed. Let the experts at Refuge Roofing take care of everything for you. For more information about your hail damage insurance repair contractor in Coon Rapids, Blaine, The Lakes and Hugo MN, call us today at (651) PRO-ROOF.