February 25, 2016

Minnesota Gutter Services

guttersIf you’re looking to talk with a gutter contractor that serves the North Metro counties of Minnesota. Refuge Roofing & Siding is a great company to utilize. Our Minnesota gutter contractors can help you set up a system for your natural water waste that is disposed of in a clean and productive way. Having your gutters checked periodically by a licensed and insured gutter contractor will help you save time, money, and hassle in the long run. And for an added convenience, we specialize in gutter maintenance and gutter screen/cover installation. Call us today to get an estimate for your new gutters in Minnesota!

Gutter Installation MN

Your gutters and downspouts play a very important role in keeping your home safe and dry – in more ways than you may know! Besides the visually obvious “wash out” lines that are left behind in the grass or on sidewalks around the exterior of the home from rain falling off of your roof, there are other issues that lie beneath the surface. Without a correctly installed gutter system in place, all water that runs off of your roof is slowly washing away and eroding the ground around your foundation and quite possibly the ground underneath your driveway and your sidewalks as well. Water that is not directed away from the home can also cause major water damage and leaking thru your foundation and in to your basement. Contact a trusted Minnesota Licensed Gutter Contractor today for an estimate!

Aluminum Gutters

Our professional contractors install Seamless Aluminum Gutters made to exact measurements on site! They come in either 5” (residential) or 6” (commercial).  We use heavy duty brackets to withstand the weight of snow and ice and have over 30 colors to choose from! Downspouts come in 10’ sections, so there may be a seam or two depending on the distance from your roof down to the ground. But they are hardly noticeable! We are now also offering hinged downspout kick-outs! These are very convenient where a kick-out is needed to direct water across a sidewalk but you would like the downspout out of the way when rain is not in the forecast. Or also in the yard where you would conveniently be able to lift it out of the way to mow the grass! Call us today for a licensed seamless aluminum gutter contractor in the Minnesota area to come out and give you an estimate!

Gutter Screens/Covers

Protecting your gutters is a very proactive choice. Maintaining clear passage for water run-off, when it needs to leave the roof of your home, is crucial for the upkeep on essentially every aspect of your house. The reasons for needing a gutter screen or cover are pretty obvious. If you have mature trees around your home that shed leaves and debris in the fall and sometimes spring and mid-summer, you will want to consider having a screen or cover installed over your gutters. This will eliminate the hassle of having to climb up a ladder every fall/spring to clean and unclog your gutters! Not only is this a chore anyone would rather not have to do, but it is VERY dangerous! There are options ranging from metal screens to a metal helmets that resists ALL debris and is guaranteed to never clog! Whether we are installing gutter screens or performing gutter cover maintenance we can do it all! Have a professional come out and meet you today for an estimate! Give us a call!

Contact your Minnesota Gutter System Installation and Maintenance Experts in Minnesota

Having the satisfaction and worry free aspect that a licensed and insured professional is doing your work is not only beneficial to your pocket book but your time while the job is being done. We will take great care of you and your home, call us today to have a Project Manager go over your specific gutter system installation, maintenance or repair needs and options at (651) PRO-ROOF!