Roof Repair Contractor Near MeThe staff of Refuge Roofing and Siding has worked hard to be the best roofing contractor in the area. We have established an excellent reputation for providing high quality work and only the best customer service. Our motto is “Your Roof, Our Reputation.” We are also a GAF-certified roofing contractor which should be an important aspect of your research into potential contractors. In fact, only 3% of all roofing contractors in the nation are GAF Certified. This means you can count on us to be properly licensed, trained, certified, and insured.

Factors that Contribute to Roof Damage

Roofs are susceptible to degradation over longer periods of time. Refuge Roofing and Siding also provides professional service when you find that your roof is showing signs of age. During lengthier periods of time when there is no extreme weather, you might not think much at all about your roof. But time and constant exposure will also cause damage. High temperatures, low temperatures, rain, summer heat, and the snows of winter will have a cumulative effect on your roof. So we recommend preventive maintenance as the best means of fighting back against time and weather.

You do not need to be a roofing contractor to identify signs that your roof needs maintenance or repairs. You can look for a number of signs. If your roof is approaching the 25-years mark, you should consider contacting us to do a check of its condition. Most builders think that a good roof will last around twenty-five years, but that number may be smaller if the roof has sustained acute weather damage or it can be greater if you have taken our recommendations.

There are many factors that determine the condition of a roof, not just advanced age. If your roof is well under 25 but is buffeted by strong winds because of exposed location or because it has been damaged by storms, it may show signs of advanced age. In such cases, you may notice buckling or curling of shingles which can happen around the 25-year mark or because of the relative quality of the materials used. Buckling, curling, and warping can lead to water getting underneath and saturating the underlying structure. So if you notice any of these conditions, give us a call.

Local Roof Repair Company

Other parts of your roof can provide clues as to its condition. The valleys of your roof, which help move water to your gutters, will not perform their function if they are damaged in any way. Also, if your chimney flashing is damaged, water can make its way underneath and allow water into crawl spaces or attics. In such cases, it should be replaced and the structure underneath checked for damage. If you clean your gutters periodically and notice granules from shingles in the gutters, you may have an issue with shingle deterioration.

We hope you will give Refuge Roofing and Siding a chance to prove to you that we have earned our reputation for excellent service. You can call us at 651-PRO-ROOF to schedule a time for a free quote.