Understanding Ice Dams & Prevention

You have to enjoy snow, at least a little bit, in order to live in Minnesota. Winter is a time to be jolly and spend time with your family. You also get to build snowmen and create snow angels on the ground. Unfortunately, snow melts, and that may cause some problems for homeowners, such as the dreaded ice dams. Snow dams begin to form as soon as the ice and snow begin to melt. This causes the surrounding ice and snow to have nowhere to go when it melts. It cannot come off the roof and will just sit there. The water being backed up by the dam can seep into a home or other building and damage ceilings and walls, including insulation. Ice dam prevention in Oak Grove, MN, is important to keep your house in its best condition. Professionals know how to prevent ice dams from forming and wreaking havoc on your house.

Professional Ice Dam Prevention & Removal

We offer safe and effective methods to removing ice dams. Our skilled team of contractors use a low-pressure steamer to get rid of the damn and other ice dam build up. Our steamer uses the perfect amount of heat and pressure that can remove ice build up easily without causing any damage to other parts of your roof. If you were to attempt to remove this ice build up on your own, you could cause damage to your house due to lack of the correct equipment and expertise. This damage could end up costing you even more money.

Stay Safe, Hire a Professional for Ice Dam Removal

Using a professional is also safer because you will not have to go on your roof. Being on your roof is dangerous enough in the warmer months, but with added ice, it could prove to be absolutely disastrous for you. You do not want to take these risks when you don’t have to.

Prevent Ice Dams with Proper Insulation, Ventilation & with Our Help

It is very hard to keep your roof free of snow and ice. We have methods that we use to help you prevent ice dams from occurring in the first place. We can help you by closing off the attic bypasses to help the heat travel to the roof which will melt snow more easily. We also recommend checking your insulation and ventilation because the correct amount will help prevent ice dams.

It is much easier and more affordable to prevent the issue than to fix it. If you have had issues with ice dam damages in the past or are worried about facing them this winter, call us today.