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Siding and Window Contractor Andover, MN

Have you been considering doing a few exterior updates to your home such as new siding or windows? If so, you’ve likely investigated some of the contractors in the area. Before you sign a contract with another contractor, the team at Refuge Roofing & Siding wants to introduce ourselves to you and your family. Premier Read more about Siding and Window Contractor Andover, MN[…]

Hail Damage Repair Contractor Burnsville, Minnesota

Storm Damage Repair Contractor Burnsville, MN | 8/3/2018

The awesome force of nature can catch homeowners off guard when a severe storm rolls in bringing with it strong wind and large (1″) half dollar size hail. The aftermath of a storm like this can leave home exteriors extensively damaged and in need of professional help. Damaged, twisted or missing shingles and or siding Read more about Storm Damage Repair Contractor Burnsville, MN | 8/3/2018[…]

Roofing Contractor Ramsey, MN

Roofing Contractor Ramsey, Minnesota

Natural disaster happens every year. We hear it on the news as the report talks about families just wanting their lives to be back to normal. We then begin to think about our own homes, essentially putting ourselves in their shoes. While we may not have earth quakes here in Minnesota, what about all of Read more about Roofing Contractor Ramsey, Minnesota[…]

Storm Damage Repair Insurance Approved Contractor Coon Rapids, MN

Storm Damage Repair Insurance Approved Contractor Coon Rapids, MN

Mother Nature sure knows how to keep us on our toes! Coon Rapids, MN 0ne day it’s clear and sunny, the next day we have a heavy thunderstorm. Our homes and businesses hold up just fine against whatever type of weather we are forced to deal with. However, there are those unfortunate times when your Read more about Storm Damage Repair Insurance Approved Contractor Coon Rapids, MN[…]

Storm Damage Repair Ramsey

Ramsey Storm Repair Company

Are you one of those types that enjoys a nice storm? Some people love to fall asleep to heavy rain and loud thunder. Storms in Ramsey, MN are tolerable for most, until their property gets damaged. Mother Nature is a powerful thing, and its unpredictability makes it very difficult to plan for storm damage. So, Read more about Ramsey Storm Repair Company[…]

Insurance Approved Roofing Company

Insurance Approved Exterior Contractor

When you’re living in Minnesota, seasonal storms are all too common, and storm-damaged property is just a hazard of living in this beautiful state. But that doesn’t mean you have to be unprepared when a storm passes through or feel on edge knowing your property may be damaged in a storm. Having an insurance-approved exterior Read more about Insurance Approved Exterior Contractor[…]

Insurance Approved Roofing Company


Most homeowners take the roof of their home for granted. Your roof is the first line of defense against mother nature, so when it needs to be repaired or replaced, acting in a timely manner is critical. Additionally, choosing the right roofing contractor for the job is extremely important. Coon Rapids, Blaine, Lino Lakes, Brooklyn Read more about Roofing[…]

Insurance Approved Roofing Contractor

Forest Lake Storm Contractor

There are some things in life that you simply cannot predict. Storm damage to your property is one of those things. Damage to your residential or commercial property in Forest Lake, MN can occur today, tomorrow, two years from now, or you could be one of the lucky one’s that never has to experience this Read more about Forest Lake Storm Contractor[…]

Siding and Roofing Free Estimate

Over time, the harsh weather in Minnesota can do damage to your home’s exterior, particularly your siding and your roof. Now that winter is finally over, it is the perfect time to have the outside of your home looked at by a siding or roofing contractor to identify areas of potential vulnerability in order to Read more about Siding and Roofing Free Estimate[…]

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Hail Damage Insurance Repair Contractor

Have you ever heard the term “golf ball sized hail”? It’s hard to believe something like that until you actually see it. The largest hailstone in U.S. History was recorded in 2010. It measured a whopping 8 inches in diameter! Can you imagine an 8” ball falling from the sky and coming down on your Read more about Hail Damage Insurance Repair Contractor[…]